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Nobody: A Warriors OC PMV

StarClan is missing.

After the Great Stone at the heart of StoneClan camp was split by lightning, StoneClan's connection to their ancestors was shattered and the clan dissolved. Unbeknownst to the former StoneClan warriors, however, a being from among the stars chanced across the site of misfortune and discovered a startling truth: StarClan's hunting grounds were empty and its ghostly warriors missing.

Generations later, three young members of a newly-reborn StoneClan journey to a mysterious crop circle to investigate a message sent from the stars. There, they meet Ghost of Jupiter, who has tasked themself with guarding these earthly cats' hallowed ground until the day the ones would come who could reforge the tether to their afterlife.

StarClan is empty. And we're going to make it right.

You can learn more about Ghost of Jupiter and the rest of Shattered StoneClan here.

Music by Mitski; original character designs by nio, Gravis Cordis, I Like Bees, and myself; art mine.

Last updated: July 7, 2024

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