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I almost never do the same thing twice. Here are some of my more or less complete creative projects.

The Henhouse

In Progress

The Henhouse is the title of my in-progress graphic novel about a group of queer people trapped in a haunted Appalachian valley. Don't expect it to come out any time soon.

Piggy Shapes Zine

2023 | Complete

I have three beautiful guinea pig boys, and they sit in all kinds of goofy and charming poses. This zine was initially made to hand out at the 2023 ALA conference in Chicago.

Nobody: A Warriors OC PMV

2021-2022 | Complete

A PMV (picture music video) set to Mitski's Nobody.



A Warriors-themed roleplaying MUCK set in the original series territories.

Eastshade Any% No ESS Speedrun

2020 | Complete

I was, briefly, the fastest Eastshade any% speedrunner. That lasted about a weekend! Eastshade is not in any way a broadly-speedrun game. It's a beautiful game where you go around painting vistas of your home before you leave on a big trip. But! it's a Unity game that's intended to be taken at a leisurely pace, so it's pretty easy to clip through things and fly around. My particular innovations were a more efficient route and an item skip that both involve mashing the spacebar a lot. There is a teeny-weeny Discord server where like three of us used to share tips, but ultimately I don't have the general gamer skills to stay at the top of the rankings. It was a fun time!

Florida Road Trip

2016 | Complete

A procedural text-based driving simulation made in Twine.

Last updated: April 29, 2024

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