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Moo Like a Goat!

Stitch Glossary

Double-Needle Ladder Stitch

  1. String the first row of beads onto your cord.
  2. Note which direction the cord is entering and leaving the row of beads you just added. String the other end of the cord back into the same beads in the opposite direction as the first end. Now your project should look like the picture, with the second row of beads connected to the previous row on either side.
  3. TROUBLESHOOTING: After pulling tight, are the two rows of beads parallel to each other? If not, you may have strung both ends of the cord the same direction through the beads.
  4. This is the double-needle ladder stitch. (Even if we're not using needles at the moment.) We use this technique for the body and tail of our critters.

Straight Fringe

  1. String a row of beads onto one end of the cord.
  2. Fold the same end of the cord back on itself, skipping the first bead and running back through the rest towards the base of the fringe. Pull snug.
  3. A variation of this stitch involves skipping more than one bead at the end. This is what makes the fingers of a paw, the handle of a leash, etc.

Last updated: July 7, 2024

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